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Be Still & Listen Coaching

 With Angela Gage


Deep & Intuitive Discernment Coaching 

If you are seeking a thinking partner to come alongside you to intuitively mine what is lodged deep within you, discern your fears and limited beliefs you are in the right place. 

What got you to where you are today will not necessarily get you to where you want to go tomorrow. That's where I come in. Together we'll uncover your blind spots that are roadblocks to the momentum you need for change and  transformation, while also navigating uncertain times and seasons of your everyday life and work.

I only coach individuals who are 100% committed to moving from where they are today to a place they're destined to go. You may not know exactly where that place is, but you are aware  you're not there now.

Most people don't budget for a coach. If this is you, no worries or regrets. There are many listening models of care out there and you will find one that's a good fit for you, just don't give up. Don't just share your dream, shout it from the roof tops!

But I also know that without a coach I wouldn't be living into my destiny today. The trajectory of my life work would be heading into a completely different direction.

I wouldn't even think of coaching high impact professionals and influencing leaders if I wasn't willing to invest in a coach myself. (I actually have multiple coaches)

I have been investing in my personal vision and dream with spiritual directors and coaches for over 10 years and will always have a trusted companion to navigate uncertain times and seasons and to say the hard things that others won't say to me.

I usually don't list prices because I tailor my pricing to each individual with their unique needs and timeline. A Discovery Call is how we start, get acquainted, and both of us will discern if we are a good fit for coaching. Want to learn what it would look like to work together? 

Let's schedule a conversation. I want to learn more about you, your vision, where you are right now, and where you want to be in 3-5 years. I also want to hear what's in the way from you moving forward today. No shame, no blame. Just a FREE conversation to get acquainted.

Then, if you are fully aware that what got you here today won't get you where you want to go tomorrow and are ready for powerful and discerning coaching, I will share exactly how I work with individuals, and what commitment I will make to you and what agreement I will need from you. Does this sound like the support you desire right now?

I thought so, let's talk!

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