Be Our Guest on October 26th

Are you ready to connect with other growth-minded and high impact women professionals who want to collaborate not compete? This is an in-person networking event for women entrepreneurs and small business owners in rural communities of Central Missouri.

Registration is FREE, but required as there is limited seats. We accept only 12 guests and the rest are put on a waiting list. 

If you're intentional about investing in your personal and professional growth, value being seen, heard, and supported in a community of belonging, then check us out!

No one grows in isolation. We believe for women to grow we need a sense of belonging. See for yourself how we empower women professionals to be and do their best, together. 

How we flourish:

  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Culture of Growth
  • Genuine Connections
  • Support

We know it may take a few visits to get oriented and learn what all the hype is about. So what are you waiting for? It's risk-free and the only cost is one hour of your week!

Before you register, we ask a few things: make sure you are all in and see your attendance as a priority. We invite only 12 guests per quarterly event and do our best to create an experience she will not forget. Though the cost is FREE, it's important you value this opportunity as we may be saying no to another woman who wants your spot.

October 26th in-person FREE Belonging Network Event™ 

Sponsored by: Lacy Scott, Iron Gate Real Estate Agent

Location & Directions: Iron Gate Real Estate ~ 521 E Morgan St. Boonville, MO. 

  • The Belonging Collaborative® is an exclusive Membership Community of women entrepreneurs and small business owners supporting one another in an intimate but thriving culture of growth.
  • Each Belonging Collaborative site consist of only 10-12 women professionals.
  • This will be your time to experience a Belonging Network Event™ where you can start making meaningful relationships.
  • Learn how we grow vital relationships, increase spiritual capacity, build community, and unleash your intuition through group support.
  • Each in-person Belonging Network Event™ is sponsored by one of our community members eager to share her founder's story and showcase her business, cause, or team.
  • Your attendance as our guest to this Belonging Network Event™ will not obligate you to join the Belonging Collaborative Membership Community.
  • Join us, we've been waiting for you!