About Our Founder

Angela Marie Gage


I am passionate about fostering kitchen table spirituality of disarming hospitality ... where all are welcomed as they are, not as others would have them to be.

I invite you to join me in growing your spiritual capacity for meaningful relationships, genuine connections, and support to foster a more sustainable, extraordinary, and prosperous life.

My hope to serve others yearning to fit into their own skin, remember what is essential about their unique purpose, and fulfill their destiny began after experiencing a dark night of the soul season as I entered my second half of life, and the unexpected death of my late husband by suicide.

I felt as if I became homeless and I longed to remember God's purpose in creating me and to align my everyday life within his story. Yet this required the spiritual disciplines of being still, listening, risk taking, investing in myself, and courageously following the leading of his Spirit.

I have been inviting others for over 23 years to live a more sustainable Spirituality of Life to thrive and flourish in Kingdom living. I do this through  facilitating safe communities of belonging, intuitive coaching, and replenishing retreats.

Entrepreneur | Certified REALIFE Process Coach | Certified Grief Educator | Certified Spiritual Director | Contemplative Christian Retreat Director | Certified Enneagram Practitioner |  Licensed and Christian Ordained

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