Foster meaningful connections with other women professionals.


We know women don't grow alone.

The Belonging Collaborative believes that women need genuine connections to thrive and support to flourish in every area of their life and work.

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This is your chance to meet other growth-minded women entrepreneurs and small business owners in rural communities of Central Missouri. Come and experience how we do things in the Belonging Collaborative!

Registration is required, but FREE. Spaces are limited to 12 women. We gather for one hour on Thursday morning | October 26th for our final FREE event of 2023.

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Meaningful Community

Genuine Connections

Intuitive Support

Many of us women are

• solving problems all by myself,
• trying to mitigate the next career move,
• managing anxiety of future, family, & finances,
• and long for genuine connection with other like-hearted women.

Of course you feel the weight of it all.

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Women weren't meant to go it alone.


You deserve support within a thriving community as you unleash your potential and reorient your life and work .


Let's Talk

No “hello my name is” name tags here. 

Our holistic approach to leadership development is built on the belief that we only grow in a culture of belonging—as we each show up authentically and value empathy and vulnerability as a strengths not weaknesses. 

Genuine Connections 

No gossip or gab here. Each weekly Wholehearted ConversationTM is centered around our stories where we listen between the lines of our lives and thrive together. The Belonging Collaborative house rules anchor the conversation to create a safe space. 

Holistic Support

Finding a path forward to reorient your life and work requires a holistic approach. Flourish in weekly group coaching sessions that empower each woman to be and do her best in her everyday life and work. Our Site groups are limited to 6-8 high-impact and open-hearted women.

Meaningful Relationships 

We do things a little differently in the Belonging Collaborative®. Each conversation, event, or retreat is designed for you to meet and organically grow meaningful relationships with other like-hearted women professionals. We trust the rest to you!

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You have a place in the Belonging Collaborative®.


We've been waiting for you! Women are meant for connection and collaboration. As a community member of the Belonging Collaborative, you have access to an intimate and supportive community plus the opportunity to help shape the collaborative’s thriving culture. 


Find a Belonging Collaborative Site near you!


Boonville, MO Site

Hybrid | Thursdays | 9:00-10:00am CST | Limit: 8 


*Coming Soon: Fayette, MO Site

Hybrid | Wednesdays | 2:30-3:30pm CST | Limit: 8



Together Is Better

  • Enjoy a 14-day Free Trial

  • Be nurtured in a safe community where your voice matters and your presence is valued

  • Access to private Community Group
  • Engage weekly in a hybrid model of in-person and virtual for Wholehearted Conversations™ (60 min.) 
  • Experience transformation not more information through group coaching support and 

  • Flourish by the power of a psychologically safe and intimate group (8 -10 women)

  • Attend quarterly in-person Belonging Network Events™

  • Sponsor a Belonging Network Event™ ~ share your founder's story plus showcase your business (with an active membership only)
  • 50% Membership Discount towards registration for all events, workshops, and annual weekend retreats (not valid during a FREE Trial period)
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*Read our Wholehearted Conversations™
House Rules here.


Authenticity - Stay transparent and real, where the true you is welcome.


Confidentiality - What is shared in the group stays in the group.


Respect - Listen fully when a member speaks and refrain from  commenting unless your feedback is solicited.


Commitment - your presence matters and affects the culture. Showing up in our life and work by keeping our word is foundational to building character.


Withholding Judgement - Practice staying out of judgement by demonstrating active listening skills, refrain from offering advice or the need to fix, learn to be comfortable with silence, and show up with empathy. 


Vulnerability - we value vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness.

We care about creating a space for meaningful connections.

Building community only works when the women who come together can be open with their stories and experience. That’s why we use proven tools and frameworks to foster safety, guide meaningful conversations, and move beyond surface level networking.

Isn't it about time you give yourself permission to share your story?

Yes, I'm Ready

You just have to claim it. 

Here’s how the Belonging Collaborative works:

Attend Weekly Sessions

Participate interactive learning within our weekly Wholehearted Conversations™ that fosters genuine connection with other members. Toggle between our virtual site or in-person Boonville site.

Develop Your Leadership 

Grow through hearing another woman's perspective as we discuss relevant topics: self-awareness, uncovering blind spots and limited mindsets, motivations, living from rest vs rush, and redefining success with women professionals in an authentic and non-competitive setting.

Enjoy Organic Networking 

Connect quarterly with fellow Belonging Collaborative community members + fun in meeting other growth-minded women seeking community & connection, virtually and in-person. 

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Women were made for community & connection

Do you ever feel like you don’t have what you need to flourish in your personal and professional life?


I’ve felt like that, too.


In fact, that’s why I started the Belonging Collaborative. I felt all alone running my own private practice and longed for meaningful connections with other female professionals.

Women need community. Whatever industry, profession, age, or stage of life you’re in, we need one another to grow. When women feel stuck, there’s a good chance community and connection is lacking in her life.

As women, we do our best when we are supported by others—when we celebrate our wins and mourn our losses together. And that’s what we do at the Belonging Collaborative.

Here’s how we create a space where every woman is supported:

Disarming Hospitality:
We believe everyone is welcome as they are.

Spontaneous Generosity:
We believe in serving one another from a place of honesty and vulnerability.

Genuine Integrity:
We believe in keeping our word with even when it hurts. 

Authentic Celebration:
We celebrate our wins and mourn our losses together.

Join the Belonging Collaborative today to foster meaningful connections with other women and watch your life thrive. Find the support you deserve and flourish in every area of your life!

Let's Talk

Angela Marie Gage

Founder & Visionary of the Belonging Collaborative®, LLC 

Have questions?

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

“Belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are;
it requires us to be who we are.”

— Brené Brown